Sherry Conger

Lampwork Glass Beads and Jewelry

Sherry Conger began making lampwork glass beads in 1996. She learned lampworking by taking classes from several well-respected lampwork artists, including Beth Williams, Kristina Logan, Kate Fowle-Meleney, Dan Adams, Sally Prasch, Diana East, Caitlyn Hyde and Emilio Santini. Sherry has taught jewelry making, lapidary, and lampwork glass bead making at the Worcester Center for Crafts, Horizons Craft Center\Snow Farm, Brookfield Craft Center, and private workshops at her studio. In addition to lampworking, Sherry is an accomplished jeweler and lapidary, as well as a certified Silver Art Clay Instructor. Her beads and jewelry are featured in several New England galleries.


Sherry's beads appear in the book 1000 Glass Beads: Innovation & Imagination in Contemporary Glass Beadmaking from Lark Books! You can also see her beads in Spotlight On Silver, which you can purchase through Amazon or Corina Tettinger.

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